Innovation through Automation

What do we do?

Software Development

Our tried and tested development framework empowers us to rapidly build cloud-enabled software that focuses on enabling innovation through your business

Data Insights

Combining the latest technologies in storage, artificial intelligence and visualisation allows us to generate real actionable insight from your data

Advisory Services

Our wealth of knowledge enables us to cut through the ever changing IT landscape and provide you with practical recommendations for technological innovation

Why hire us?

We specialise in building bespoke software for clients who aren't comfortable with simply following the herd.

You recognise that now more than ever it's innovation that separates the best from the rest. It's this innovation that we continually strive for, through the use of cutting edge technology, our refined project management processes and our passion for doing great work.

Our company was founded by 2 Oxbridge graduates with backgrounds in FTSE 100 and large government IT consulting. We bring all that knowledge and experience to each of our engagements and maintain that quality through highly selective hiring practices.